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Cracking the Perimeter - Part 3

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by , 28th October 2010 at 16:33 (14578 Views)
After working for months on improving my shellcode and exploitation techniques including development,
I finally figured it out and found a solution!

Yes! I can't wait to retake my OSCE exam!

The first exam I took months ago, was very tough. In fact it was the hardest challenge I had ever tried (besides one
from a friend which is also, very very hard so far), but it was a close race and it was right on the edge with 11 bytes
too much in a payload I had almost written entirely myself (based on a metasploit payload) which failed in a 0day scenario.

Of course I can't disclose any details because it would ruin the exam for anyone else doing the course and afterward
the exam or at least people wanting to do both.

However, the satisfaction was great after using the last 4 days after work from around 18:00 - 03:00 on finding a
solution. I took breaks too of course, but I had given myself 2 weeks to find a solution and now I finally found one
which gave me a meterpreter session in Metasploit, aw-e-some!

Now I just got to test it on multiple platforms and prepare myself for the other challenges during the OSCE
examination which is definitely not easy at all. (There's a reason why it's Offensive Security Certified Expert).

Wish me luck, I'll write the last and final part of this blog series about CTP by Offensive Security if I pass the
examination by pwning enough boxes with quite hardcore exploits

To be continued..

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  1. PredatoryRebel's Avatar
    Good luck man !
  2. kesari's Avatar
    gud luk maxe
  3. MaXe's Avatar
    Thanks, I am looking forward to the challenge though it will be very tough ;-)
  4. TheXero's Avatar
    You can do it MaXe :D

    Best of luck to you
  5. MaXe's Avatar
    Thanks TheXero, 1 more day till the pain begins.. Can't wait xD