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    How to get all updates for windows xp for offline use ?

    Hi !

    Anyone knows how could i get all windows xp updates for offline use ?

    I tried these tools but none is working:
    5 Alternative Ways To Update Windows Without Using Microsoft Update Site | Internet | Technize - Be Techdated

    Some of them are working but they get updates only for a specific date (which is usually obsolete). How I could get all the up to date (until today) updates for offline use ?
    I tried also to setup windows xp update to only download updates and then let me choose which one of them to install but this feature seems is not working. It just downloads and installs the updates as usually.
    I wonder if someone knows how those guys who make torrents with windows xp could make torrents for example like this:
    [Windows XP sp3 x32 bits all updates until 1.01.2011 included !!!]
    How they do that ? How they get those updates for offline use since all the programs form the above link can get updates only by an obsolet date and for sure not until 10.01.2011 ?
    Any help, please ?

    Thank you a lot !

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    there's an app called nLite that allows you to make a customised windows CD. tat includes installing service packs etc. you can find it at nLite - Deployment Tool for the bootable Unattended Windows installation

    it also gives (i believe) the options to just download all the updates. it's been ages since i last used it, but it's pretty handy.
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    Re: How to get all updates for windows xp for offline use ?

    Go here:

    Scroll down or search for KB #s. Click Executive summary and then you can click the link to get to the direct download. We do it all the time at work to test patches before releasing them via WSUS.
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