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6th October 2009, 10:54
i found a hotspot near my house and cracked the wep key .

but i am far from hotspot and receive very low signal ,

how boost my signal ?

6th October 2009, 13:19
What kind of wifi connector you using? USB? Internal?

If usb you can get usb extension cord and at the end of your usb wifi connector attach a metal bowl with a holde in the middle, or build one your self with metal paper for cooking.





6th October 2009, 16:58
Nice one s3my0n, also some WiFu PCMCIA cards are really good but also very hard to get.

Some of them (under Linux) can transmit / broadcast on channels they shouldn't be able
to which you might be able to hear and see more about if I'm able to upload another video
from Shmoocon V this or next week where the speaker talks about WiFi and a lot more.

6th October 2009, 20:27
aluminum foil...go oldschool.

Also heres some science for you all. Youll always get better signal at night, cause the radio waves kinda like go out more, its kinda hard to explain, but heres a example, you get a radio station staticy during the day and clear at night. So if your trying to do this during the day try at night.

7th October 2009, 08:45
I bet Rorok's tinfoil hat beats all those WiFu Amplifiers and Long Range Antennas! :D

However it is true that the radio signals are usually better at night, if you don't live in NY or Vegas xD

15th October 2009, 23:28
Try to connect at night, better signal.
Aluminium foil rocks but needs to be placed at the right spot :blush:

Beware of some antenna/amplifiers howto's because they can lead you to damage your wireless card.

18th October 2009, 00:05
If in doubt, just use your tinfoil hat (which of course you have, right.. RIGHT?)
If it's pointy like this, you can probably use it.


If you can get access to the router/access point, you can possibly increase the strength of the signal. Besides. If you're on a laptop, try to place yourself with fewest possible walls etc. between you and the wifi. :)